EOStream Room Fragrance ScentSpray "Green Tea", 100 ml

EOStream Raumduft Grüner Tee in Alu-Sprühflasche
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EOStream ScentSpray Room fragrance - green tea, 100ml Feel good with IFRA certified room... more
Product information "EOStream Room Fragrance ScentSpray "Green Tea", 100 ml"

EOStream ScentSpray Room fragrance - green tea, 100ml
Feel good with IFRA certified room fragrance

A pleasant scent can trigger a feeling of well-being, evoke past memories or create feelings of happiness. Concentration is also promoted and tension is reduced. An unpleasant smell warns us and triggers a natural flight instinct. Not for nothing one speaks of "odour nuisance" or "odour pollution". The sensitivity of humans to bad odours has demonstrably increased in the last 10 years.

 The EOStream room fragrance ScentSpray is based on high-quality perfume, which is IFRA certified and known for its quality and purity.

All EOStream fragrances have been developed by our laboratory in Strasbourg, in collaboration with leading perfume houses in the French perfume capital Grasse.
IFRA certified quality

We only use IFRA-certified perfume and essential oils of origin. The high-quality EOStream products are free of alcohol and solvents and completely harmless to health.
Fragrance composition "Green Tea

The concentration varies according to the type of fragrance to achieve a balanced intensity. Each ScentSpray aluminium bottle contains 25% IFRA certified perfume.
Main fragrance note: natural
Background fragrance: fresh, sour
Season: Spring
Intensity: 5 / 10


Set scent accents and provide pleasant room scent and freshness in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, toilet, in wardrobes, on curtains and wherever you want to experience fresh room scent. Already 1 - 2 atomizations conjure up the fresh smell in your home. In order to avoid possible colouring, please test the ScentSpray on an invisible part of the surface.
The facts about our room spray

- Simple to use
- Contains no alcohols or solvents
- High efficacy
- Effect duration over many hours
- High quality IFRA certified fragrances
- Water-based product

With EOStream ScentSpray you prove a good nose and do not offer your customers an everyday advertising gift that stays long in the nose. Talk to us.

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