EOStream BDLC-401 - Liquid eliminates urine odor

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EOStream BDLC-401 - For the odour treatment of toilets - eliminates urine odours acute... more
Product information "EOStream BDLC-401 - Liquid eliminates urine odor"

EOStream BDLC-401 - For the odour treatment of toilets - eliminates urine odours

acute treatment
Here we recommend our liquid solution BDLC-401 - with only a few spray strokes spray directly onto the area to be treated and surrounding furniture or other objects. EOStream products are not sprayed into the room. The BDLC-401 liquid solution works within seconds.

Permanent treatment
As a permanent solution and to ensure optimum results, we recommend the additional use of our BDLC-401 ScentClips, which can easily be attached to walls, ceilings or other surfaces with adhesive tape.

Active agent concentrate
All our liquid products for odour neutralisation are supplied as concentrate - this means that our customers can individually change the concentration of the high-quality odour killers if desired. For dilution please use water (our products are water based, without alcohols and solvents) in the desired quantity. Further information on dilution can be found here.

The effect depends on the basic load, the temperature, the humidity and the natural air exchange of the room / vehicle. To increase the air exchange it is often advisable to equip one of our air diffusers with a ScentClip. If a room, car, truck, caravan etc. is very heavily contaminated with negative odours, we offer disinfection with H2O2 for basic treatment. EOStream BDLC-401 is a powerful remedy against odour nuisances which arise during the decomposition of organic substances such as urine odour, sweat odour, mouldy odour or from pets.

 Due to the concentration of active odour inhibitors, BDLC-401 can be used with a high dilution. 401 is therefore extremely economical to use even on very large surfaces to be treated.
It can be added to the cleaning water but can also be added to the previous cleaning solution in sweepers or wet vehicles. EOStream BDLC-401 is not foaming, it dissolves grease and has a fresh, lemony scent.

BDLC-401 is sprayed directly onto the areas to be treated and works in seconds. BDLC-401 can be added to the cleaning water after pre-dilution in the required dose. This depends on the size of the surface to be treated and the intensity of the odour immission:

"As an additive in non-recycled cleaning water (sweepers, wet vehicles) we recommend a dilution of: 0.03% to 1% BDLC-401.
"As an additive in tap water (e.g. wiping water) we recommend a dilution in the ratio of: 2 to 4 measuring covers with 401 (50mL) per 10 litres of water.

BDLC-401 is not incompatible with commercially available cleaning products, with the exception of chlorine/bleach water.
Application examples

WC, toilets, sanitary facilities, apartments, sports rooms, clothes lockers, changing rooms, kitchens, garages, house, wholesale markets, hospitals, old people's homes, nursing homes, funeral homes and much more.

Against extreme odors (faeces / garbage etc.) please use BDLC-501
Technical data

Bottle capacity: 30 ml / 150 ml / 250 ml / 5000 ml
Packaging unit (PU): 1 piece
Bottle sticker: aqua
Smell: lemony fresh
Shelf life unopened: 12 months
Shelf life open: 6 months

Anwendungsbereich: Altenheim, Abluftrohre, Fahrzeuge, Pflegeheim, Toilette, Hotel, Krankenhaus, Küche
Inhalt: 150 ml, 250 ml, 5 Liter
Art: Flüssigkeit
Gerüche: Nikotingeruch, Zigaretten
Produktname: BDLC EO-401
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